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Natural Goodness

Each serving of N8 Natural Whey provides 24 grams of 100% Whey Protein Concentrate thats without artificial flavoring, coloring and sweeteners. Only the purest Whey Protein sourced from New Zealand. An excellent protein source if you are allergic to any of those aritificial added baddies.

100% Whey Protein

Whey Protein has been demonstrated in countless studies to assist in muscular recovery after weight lifting in the gym or in any strenous activities. Whey Protein is rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and these amino acids are responsible in the formation and repair of muscle fibres torn after activity. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness also known as DOMS is also greatly reduced with when Whey Protein is taken post-workout.

Add into your meals!

Due to it’s neutral taste, N8 Natural Whey is an ideal protein supplement to add into your protein shakes, salads, baking produce, and juices! Use it to increase the protein content of the meals and add some creative spice into your daily life!

Low in Fat and Carbs

N8 Natural Whey has:
  • ZERO added carbohydrates – the source of carbohydrates are naturally occuring from the lactose from Whey.
  • ZERO added fat – the source of fats are naturally occuring from from Whey.

The product is suitable for weight management and comes in a nifty ziplock bag that is resealable and convenient to bring along, anywhere!

Product Benefits
  •  24g Protein per Scoop
  •  33 Servings
  •  125 Calories per Serve
  •  Low in Carbohydrate 
  •  Low in Fat
  •  80% Protein per scoop
  •  Natural and Neutral taste
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