Start your own 24 hour fitness centre and become your own boss. We are Malaysia home grown company with experience for more than 10 years and currently expanding rapidly in 24 hour gym industry. Our business model focuses on no frills model where we eliminate unnecessary expenses in our business. It is a proven business model where franchisee can earn back the capital spent within one year duration. We emphasize on cleanliness, convenience, and satisfaction of our customers. Basically we have two business model. The first model is Cobra Fitness where we focus on urban and high living cost areas. On the other hand, the second model is Cobra Express where we focus on sub-urban areas.

Why choose fitness

Fitness industry is one of the largest growing industry in Malaysia. Diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes mellitus are increasing in number, thus more people are seeking for fitness centre in order to prevent or control these diseases. Besides, we practice blue ocean strategy by creating new category that is 24 hour gym in order to eliminate competition and increase profit.

Why choose us

With us, you can own a hassle free business with high profit since we will be providing lifelong support for our franchisees. Besides, we are the first gym in Malaysia that offers 24 hour access and advanced computer system that allows us to monitor the gym during non-staffed hours. We will be aiding in operation set-up, marketing support, promotional support and consultancy. Franchising fee start as low as RM30k as a limited time!!! Total investment ranges from RM200k to RM300k which franchisee can earn back within one year.

For further information, please contact us at 0163983680 to arrange a meeting.