N8 ISO-8 Whey Protein Isolate 2lbs

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High Protein

N8 ISO-8 contains the highest possible profile of undenatured proteins. It delivers the full spectrum of amino acids naturally found in whey protein, including the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for muscle preservation and endurance, as well as other essential amino acids. Each scoop contains 26 grams of 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) delivering more protein per scoop than the nearest competition in the market.

Use N8 ISO-8 when you’re:

  • Looking for a low-caloric protein solution to your muscle building goals
  • Embarking on a weight loss programme
  • Planning to increase your daily protein intake due to dietary or lifestyle restrictions
  • Wanting fast muscle recovery after intense bouts of exercise
  • Having problems digesting protein due to lactose intolerance

Quickest Absorption

Due to the extremely refined size of Whey Protein Isolate, absorption of WPI in the body is faster than of Whey Protein Concentrate. This makes N8 ISO-8 an ideal choice for growing and recovering muscles fast. Because there is a “window of recovery” that occurs immediately after exercise, it is important that muscles are fed with quick absorbing protein fast so that recovery starts the minute you have your protein shake.

ZERO Carb, Fat, & Lactose

N8 ISO-8 is fat, carbohydrate and lactose free, is simply great tasting with multiple flavor options to savor, and highly soluble in water- making mixing a breeze with just a spoon.
Product Benefits
  •  26g Protein per Scoop
  •  33 Servings
  •  110 Calories per Serve
  •  ZERO Carbohydrate 
  •  ZERO Fat
  •  ZERO Lactose
  •  Amazing Fruity Flavors
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