Muscle Kingdom Mass Kingdom Chocolate 5.4kg

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Product Description

120 grams protein,1440 calories, 20000 miligrams anabolic volumizer, 40 grams aminos

Protein is the key ingredient in the quest to gain muscle mass. Through extensive research, we have worked out the optimum protein per serving; combined proteins containing high biological values, and achieve amino acid profiles that are unsurpassed in the industry.

mass kingdom is a powerful muscle gaining formula designed to help you increase muscular strength and endurance. loaded with 1200 nutrient-dense calories, derived from quality proteins and quickly digestible carbohydrates, as well as specialised fats. It is the ideal anabolic protein builder to help you add useful calories in proper proportions for rapid increase in muscular bodyweight.

DOES NOT CONTAIN : Fillers, Artifical Colors, Aspartame,frustose
✅ 120 massive grams of high quality protein perdaily serving
✅ 1440 monster calories per daily serving to help you packon lean mass
✅ HIGH QUALITY and energetic complex carbohydrates
✅ High Profile Glutamine and creatine complex blend
✅ Loaded with BCAAs, digestive enzymes, vitamin/mineral blend
✅ Promote size and help maximize lean muscle gain
✅ Improve energy level and help post workout recovery

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