Berro Labs Buck Protein Mass Gainer 2.2kg

RM 110.00

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Product Description

Product Detail :

26 grams of protein per serving to help build and repair muscle tissue
Helps to make enzymes and hormones necessary for muscle building
Low sugar content but high in protein to develop quality muscle
Improve muscle size and strength – Approved by KKM (Malaysia Health Ministry)
Fast and clean anabolic gainer – Topnotch tasty flavours
RAPID MUSCLE GROWTH BUCK PROTEIN provides you quick protein and quick carbs absorption to accelerate muscle growth. Providing you with a clean 1600 calories per serving, it specifically design to create a highly anabolic environment for glycogen synthesis.

BUCK PROTEIN is the ultimate mass protein as it does not only helps you to gain more muscle, it is highly beneficial to facilitate recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle damage too.

Free Gift:

-Bottle Shaker (Random Design)


Add 3 to 5 scoops of BUCK PROTEIN to a blender or shaker filled with 250-500ml of water or non-fat milk (use skim milk for better result). Blend or shake well for 10-30 seconds. Add your favourite fresh frozen food (strawberry, banana, etc), low sugar peanut butter or almond to make delicious smoothies.

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