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Used as a cell volumizer to increase athletic performance in terms of strength, stamina and energy.

Creatine monohydrate is a naturally occuring amind acid in the body and i primarily responsible for recovery, muscle growth, and energy production. Normally found in red meat, creatine is responsible in the renewal of energy by converting ADP back to ATP in the cellular energy cycle. When supplementing with creatine, body energy supplies are elevated and in return improves muscular performance in athletes be it in weight lifting, sprinting, high intensity & impact movements as well as endurance. Mix it in your favourite beverage and consume twice a day for maximum results!

Product Benefits
  •  Build Muscles Faster
  •  Increase Strength
  •  Increase Stamina
  •  Enhances Recovery 
  •  ZERO Calories
  •  Micronized 200 Mesh
  •  Unflavored

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