DP Whey Depot Protein (11lbs/5.07 kg)

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Product Description

DP Whey Depot Protein 11 lbs (5.07 KG) 130 servings
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DP Whey Depot Protein Advanced Anabolic Whey Formula is a Protein Powder which provides extra protein to your existing diet. This product will only work if you combine it with intense physical training. Whey Depot Protein cannot be used as meal replacement. It has to be used with food in order to gain lean muscle mass.

DP Whey Depot is suitable for HEALTHY individuals 18 years of age and above.
Note: DP has IMPROVED Formula and Taste of Whey Depot Protein. New Formula is better tasting and high-volume powder.

DP Whey Depot Protein Review:

• 28 grams Protein per 39 gram serving
• 5.6 grams of Branched Amino Acids (Naturally occurring)
• 28,000 mg of Total Amino Acids Per serving (Naturally occurring)
• Whey Blend Ratio consists of 50% Isolate. 35% Concentrate. 15% Hydrolysate
• Whey in Whey Depot is a complete and high-quality protein

Benefits of Whey Depot Protein:

• Supports Lean Muscle Gains
• Boost Amino Acids in Blood
• Repairs and Builds Muscle
• Provides immediate increase in protein synthesis
• Enhance muscle growth, tissue repair and recovery
• Whey Depot can be taken anytime or before and after workout.
• Whey promotes fat burning when consumed 20 minutes before training.
• Users of Whey gained 21% more lean body mass.

How to take Whey Depot?

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, Mix 1 scoop (39 g) with 8 oz cold water. Consume THREE servings a day or depending on your protein requirements.

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