DP Mass Depot (15lbs) [Free Gift DP Glutamine 300g]

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Product Description

MASS DEPOT 15 lbs – Optimized Carbs to Protein Ratio for clean Muscle Mass.

DP Mass Depot Protein 15lbs is a Carbohydrate and Protein Drink Mix consisting of Maltodextrin and Whey Protein as the main ingredient.
Provides 84 grams Protein Per Serving from Whey Depot Protein and 212 grams Carbohydrate from Maltodextrin.
Protein comes from THREE Whey sources (Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysates) providing steady stream of Protein and Amino Acids
1300 power packed calories ensuring successful Mass Gain even for the stubborn Hard-gainer.
18 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and 34 grams of EIGHT Essential Amino Acids per serving (Nine Essential Amino Acids are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine).
A good source of Protein and Carbohydrate to Build Lean Muscle Mass

DP Mass Depot is Best Mass Gainer for Building Mass!
NEW Mass Depot formula is 70% Maltodextrin and 30% Whey Protein Blend from Whey Depot proving total of 84 grams Protein per serving size of 336 grams. Compare Mass Depot with other in-class Gainers in the market and you will notice they are mostly below 20% Protein per serving. This new formula provides optimum protein to carb ratio which provides more brutal energy before a workout and helps prevent muscle breakdown at the same time.

Mass Depot contains naturally occurring BCAA and EAA from Whey Protein itself. Meaning they are not added. They exist naturally from Whey Protein.

DP Mass Depot for Bulking
Going for bulking? No problem. Use Mass Depot anytime during the day in between meals or with a meal. Simply consume ONE scoop in between meals FOUR times per day.

DP Mass Depot for PRE and Post-Workout
Mass Depot optimized protein and carb ratio making it suitable for pre and post-workout recovery drink. The amino acids, and carbs in Mass Depot helps replenish lost amino acids and glycogen. Consume ONE scoop ONE hour before workout and ONE scoop immediately upon completion of workout. Use together with Secret Weapon CREATINE for added benefits.

DP Mass Depot DOES NOT contains protein spiking ingredients and fillers:
NO Creatine
NO Taurine
NO ADDED BCAA or free form Aminos
NO ADDED Glycine
NO ADDED Glutamine or Glutamine peptides
NO Corn Syrup or other fillers such as palm oil kernel

Who need DP Mass Depot Mass Gainer?
Individuals training with weights and wants to bulk up fast.
Hardgainers wanting to add more mass
Athletes engaged in intense training

Suggested Use: Mix ONE scoop with 200 to 300 ml water and consume 4 times per day. 4 scoops equals to ONE FULL SERVING.